Lovin’ Lokai v.s. Awesome Alex and Ani


Both Lokai and Alex and Ani are very popular bracelet choices. Alex and Ani you could have as many charm bracelets as you want, all for a special purpose. Some you could have for strength, others just for fun. There are even some bracelets that will help a charity.

Lokai bracelets remind you to “stay humble during the high points,” and to “have hope during the low points”. Both are represented by a bead, one containing water from Mt. Everest, the other containing soil from the Dead Sea. They are both literally representing the highs and lows of one’s life. Loka is also branching out by starting to sell bracelets for specific charities such as the WWF.

Final Thoughts?

Both bracelets are very nice purchases. If you are looking for a wider variety, I do recommend Alex and Ani. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more simplistic, I would go with the Lokai. In addition, there isn’t a huge difference in price. Alex and Ani bracelets are usually $25 where as Alex and Ani are $18, unless you are interested in purchasing a Lokai bracelet for kids. In that case, it would be $5.


What are your final thoughts?

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